Welcome to Lenguin

I’m Fame Ketover and I’m a nomad. That means that my home is not in one country. My wife and three children move from country to country. We meet interesting people, learn about rich cultures, eat tasty foods, and try to communicate in different languages.

I’ve learned that today’s world is very small and accessible. However, the language barrier still exists. My family and I are learning how to quickly become comfortable with new languages.

I also help people like you become comfortable with English. My experience with languages has allowed me to help hundreds of students improve their language skills. Sign up for free to start getting language tips in your inbox.


Fame’s Story

I was born in Kenya and before the age of 5 I was speaking Swahili with the locals. After several years in the United States, I moved to Costa Rica where I went to school. I needed to learn Spanish fast!

After completing school I traveled the Americas and Europe as a professional tennis player. This experience of seeing the world really interested me. I began studying different languages and the different methods of learning languages.

I studied to become an English teacher and today I help students from all over the world.